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Will You Die For Me?

Will You Die For Me?1 Sure, Charlie, You Can Kill Me
2 Behold, He Is in the Desert
3 The Campus Kid
4 The Times, They Are A-Changin'
5 California Dreamin'
6 Gentle Children, With Flowers In Their Hair
7 Family
8 Magical Mystery Tour
9 Watershed: The White Album
10 Happy in Hollywood
11 Revolution/Revelation
12 Piggies
13 You Were Only Waiting for This Moment
14 Helter Skelter I (August 8-9)
15 Helter Skelter II (August 9-10)
16 He's a Runner
17 Inside
18 Jailhouse Religion
19 On Trial
20 Lockup
21 Day
22 To Live is Christ
00 Epilogue by Chaplain Ray Hoekstra

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(Will You Die For Me? Copyright 1978, by Ray Hoekstra. Published by Cross Roads Publications, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

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Will You Die For Me?

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