charles-wydfm200Will You Die For Me?

"A fixating story not only because it is a first-person account of the Manson murders by one of its murderers, but because no punches have been pulled..." FREE here.  -West Coast Review of Books

(Partially taken from 8 hours of tape recordings with Charles' attorney in 1969; recommended by the NY Times in 2019.) 


Manson's Right-Hand Man Speaks Out!

A riveting 200+ question interview with former Manson Family member, who insightfully shared his heart about Manson, the cult, the drugs, the music, the crime, the victims, the death penalty, forgiveness, prisoners and salvation.
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Our Identity: SPirit, Soul & Body

God created us a living soul, made up of mind, will and emotions, the spirit giving us life. I believe through the reading of this book, you will come to see yourself as a wonderful possession of our Heavenly Father.
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Christianity for Fools

Christianity seems foolish based on the world's priorities. Yet, eternal salvation is more valuable than Hall of Fame, wealth and success pursued by the world. Our prayer is that this book will open your eyes to an entirely new vision for life.

The Big Four Rip-Offs

This is not a list of do's and don'ts. YOU must decide to choose them or not. I ignorantly chose each one of them. If you choose them, you will finally achieve the end results ­ The Big Rip-­off!

My ears were closed to the advice of others who tried to warn and persuade me not to be ripped­-off! Each one of the Big Four were tried and believe me they work ­ I was ripped off!

ALCOHOL is a slow rip­-off, which we often try first, but it will rip you off! At first, alcohol appears to be cool and fun, possibly causing your friends and peers to accept you more as one of them. All care is washed away as your void of true love and acceptance is filled with your so called friends, beer, wine, and liquor! Cigarettes and alcohol go hand in hand. Try one; try them all! You might think you are smoking, but the cigarette is smoking. You are the sucker! Health officials report that over 450,000 people a year die from smoking related sicknesses in the United States alone. Take another sip and light up another ­­ YOU WILL BE RIPPED­-OFF SOON!

SEX comes easy, but the results are disastrous and sickening. AIDS, Syphilis, pregnancy, heart break, and family quarrels are never shown to you by the ripper, but are the inevitable results of sex out of wedlock. Not to mention, 40,000 people will get AIDS this year. You cannot only be ripped­off yourself, but you can rip­off families and unwanted children because of your pain and cry for love. Illicit sex is a major happening over the television channels. I fell prey to the life of a cult, which developed into orgies. Soon, one will not be wanted by anybody except the undesirable. Hookers, whores, and pimps are all results of a life of illicit sex. All this is available to you who desire to be ripped-off. It's easy!

DRUGS are a fast way to go ahead and draw the big rip­off to a final close. Uppers, downers, marijuana, P.C.P., L.S.D., G.H.B., ecstasy, crack, cocaine, heroin, and meth will rip you off quickly. Maybe you will even thrust yourself out of the window of a tall building and end it all even quicker. Choose any of these drugs and soon you will try them all. Every toke and pill will rip you off a little at a time until one day you wake up and see that you are almost gone. Hallucinations, unreality, compulsive behavior, nervous disorders, delusions, illusions, black­outs, and the like will take you for a wild ride to nowhere which will rush upon you in the end like a black hole of death. All this to medicate your emotional pain. You have been ripped-­off!

SUICIDE is the final trip of the Big Rip-­off! Suicide, according to Webster's dictionary is "The ruin of one's interests or prospects through one's own actions and policies." Giving ourselves to alcohol, sex, and drugs are our own actions and policies which ruin our interests and prospects in life! Suicide is eternal! Death is final! Death row in prison with the gas chamber or electric chair waiting is even worse. I know, I was there! I was ripped-off and because of that, I ripped off-many. You can be ripped-­off so completely that you actually become "The Big Rip­-off!" Are you a rip-­off? Maybe you are being ripped-off right at this moment? There is an answer to the pain that you find yourself in at this very moment. We care for your life and love you enough to reach out to you.

Painful Things

Depression, Worry, Anger, Procrastination, Anxiety Fear of what others think, A poor self­image, Resentment Fear of being alone, Fear of losing a loved one Fear of cancer Hatred, Lust, Laziness, Fear of Failure, Bitterness Greed, Jealously, A driving need to win or be first, Insecurity Fear of heights, Pride, Contempt for others Unnatural sexual lust, A compulsive need for certain foods A fearful need for shelter and comfort An unreasonable need for clothing and pleasure The need to have a high position in society The need to please others An uncontrollable need to lie or exaggerate Manipulation of others, Craving for alcohol or other drugs Craving to be touched or to touch, The drive to succeed The need to take vengeance, The need to be punished The need to inflict punishment on others, Selfishness The need to have many "pretty things" A morbid frame of mind that always looks for the worst The besetting need to correct others, Grief The compulsion to annoy others, Hatred of the opposite sex Ideas set in motion by words spoken when one is young.

Our Love Goes Out to You!

Beloved, when your time of pain, grief, sorrow, and suffering comes, you must go to your secret prayer closet. Get alone with God! Cry your heart out to Him. Go to the sanctuary to find your answer! No book, no preacher, or sermon tape will ever make you understand your trials. But if you get alone with the Heavenly Father, He will give you understanding!

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June 2021

john316 2Happy Father’s Day! I wasn’t a fatherless victim, rather my disobedience through foolish choices and decisions separated me from God and my parents, resulting in loneliness, confusion and insecurity. But for believers led by the Spirit, the apostle Paul wrote:

“So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, ‘Abba, Father.’” 1

An Atheist Response…

Scott wrote from Scotland, saying: “I imagine you get quite a lot of mail.”

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